My Transformation Memoir

Being the change I would like to see in the world

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Year One


This picture was taken on April 19, 2015….the day of my graduation and ordination. This was after two years of intense study at The Center for Sacred Studies  which are teachings based on The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and that of the Director Jyoti Prevatt.

I had been writing a  blog for years about my struggles which I deleted today. I decided my new blog would be about my spiritual journey and all the beauty that has come into my life when I accepted grace instead of hardship. The hardships were my lessons and they have opened me up to the world of Spirit. When I was at a very low point I was looking to go back to school (I was a biologist in my former life.) A friend of mine gave me a book to read called Grandmothers Counsel the World. When I was finished reading this book I was hooked. In the back was the link to The Center for Sacred Studies so I contacted them and signed up and that is when my life changed. It wasn’t an easy way of doing things but it was so gratifying and I am very grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization. Upon graduation I was warned that the year following would be full of growth and change.

Right after graduation I found myself without a job so I looked in the paper and found a job listing as a Personal Assistant to the Director of a nonprofit called Adopt-a-Native-Elder. It was one of the most difficult jobs I have ever had but also the most rewarding and satisfying. It made me expand more than any other endeavor. Essentially this is a nonprofit that provides food, medical supplies and other much needed items to the traditional Navajo Elders on the reservation. These Elders do not speak English and still live in their traditional ways that conflict with modern times. These were the Natives that were ripped from their homes and made to go to boarding schools. Many didn’t even do that, instead raising sheep and weaving rugs. However, as they have gotten older many can no longer take care of them selves in the traditional way so we provided relief. The job required that I be an extra set of much needed hands to the Director and also to be on the reservation two months out of the year. Just when I settled into the job and was feeling really good about it my husband and I sold our house in Utah and moved to Colorado January 6th of this year. So I have found myself back to square one. This transition to a new location has been very much like an initiation to me. To learn more about Adopt-a-Native-Elder watch this short video…it is so worth the time.

I am still unemployed but I believe that is because I am being led to something that just hasn’t lined up for me yet. I also would like to start a nonprofit of my own so I am in the research phase of that project. My husband and I bought 7 acres right across the street from Mesa Verde National Park which we will build a very small home on. The land is quite sacred to me and I feel as if my husband and I are now guardians of it. We are just beginning to get started on it now that the snows have melted. In the meantime I try to take as many free classes online as I can to further my education and I am working hard to deepen my spiritual practice.

This blog is in her raw form right now. As I write more it will expand and grow so that it may be a resource for those seeking on their own path. However if no one reads it it will still be a great source of joy and creativity for me. I look forward to my posts ahead.

As the Navajo often say…

Walk in Beauty


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